Roof installation process

Our roof installation process

STEP 1 - The Roof tear off

On this video, we have a demonstration of a complete asphalt shingles roof tear off. Followed by a roof deck inspection to ensure, that the roofing surface, doesn't show signs of damages. Another inspection is performed by PJ Roofing, to ensure that the roof has enough opening for proper roof ventilation. After the inspection, the damaged areas were replace to ensure a solid roof deck to install the roofing system.

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STEP 2 - The Roofing underlayment/protection installation

On this video we have a demonstration of the roof underlayment installation. The Roofing underlayment, is a moisture barrier in between your roof deck and your roof shingles. It provides your roof with an extra layer of protection that shingles alone can't match. Your roof shingles serve their own purpose: they're the first line of defense. The underlay is the second and last line of defense against water, after the inefficiency of the asphalt shingles on your roof. PJ Roofing also ensure, that a drip edge is installed to prevent water damages on the edges of your roof that could result in eavestroughs failure.

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STEP 3 - The asphalt shingles installation

On this video, we have a bungalow roof being installed in Edmonton.
The president of PJ Roofing, Pherne is installing a section of the roof on this video. You can clearly see how asphalt shingles are installed one by one. It also gives you an idea of the nailing pattern, how roof shingles are Staggered and how the roof underlayment work together with asphalt shingles to obtain an efficient roofing system. The roof asphalt shingles being installed, are

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Color: Weathered Wood

Video presented by PJ Roofing.

STEP 4 - Enjoy your efficient, good-looking, new roofing system !

Completed Roof by PJ Roofing

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