Residential roofing ventilation

Roof Ventilation System

Maximum 301 - the 301 static ventilators does not require to rotate to prevent water or snow infiltrations. Its unique storm proof deflector system prevents infiltrations while at the same time capturing the wind flow from any direction and at velocities as low as 4 miles/hr. In compliance with the National Building Code of Canada, the National Air Flow Standards, CSA Standards, ICC-ES Standards & Miami Dade US Standards,
Turbo Pro - High efficiency ventilator it provides a cooler and dry attic, extending the lifetime of your old or new roofing system.
Efficiency: Very efficient roof ventilator used to ventilate roof areas of 1000 to 1200 sq. feet Efficiency: One WeatherPRO® Turbo PRO vent will ventilate 1000 sq. ft.

Duraflo 6050- Top venting design uses chimney effect to channel moist air away from roof eliminating shingle staining vent cap design with built in weeping holes eliminates bird nesting and water pooling

Ridge Vent - allows smooth airfl ow over the ridge line maximizing effective ventilation from the attic space while defl ecting blowing debris. Internal baffl es and drainage openings easily defl ect and direct away extreme weather.

Efficiency: One WeatherPRO® 6050 vent will ventilate 250-300 sq. ft. Efficiency: Four pieces of WeatherPRO® PRORidge vent will ventilate 1000 sq. ft. (93 sq. meters) of attic space (approx)


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