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Euroshield rubber roofing Edmonton About Euroshield®

Euroshield roofing products were developed in 1997 with the goal to recycle the tremendous number of used tires that occupy our landfill. Years of research and development led to the creation of this unique formula which uses 95% recycled rubber chrome, to produce. An average size home uses anywhere from 250 to 1,000 rubber tires to produce a Euroshield roof. In most cases, scrap materials from those tires can be collected and recycled again to further eliminate harmful waste.

Enhance the look of your home with  Euroshield® Rubber Roofing System. Euroshield shingles provide modern and environmentally friendly protection at affordable prices.

  • Euroshield rubber roof Edmonton

    Euroshield Roofing Sustainability

    Discover a dedication to conservation that you won’t find in any other roofing system. An asphalt shingle will take up to 200 years to decompose. Up to 1,000 recycled rubber tires create each Euroshield roof rather than accumulating in dumps and landfills across the country. With the added insulating properties of rubber, Euroshield rubber shingles offer extra protection from the weather during Edmonton’s hottest and coldest days.

  • Euroshield rubber roof Edmonton

    Cedar shake roof replacement

    Euroshield rubber roof system is the perfect product for homeowners that carries a cedar shake roof in Edmonton, St. Albert and surrounding areas. The natural cedar shakes or stone slates styles offers many advantages over organic cedar shakes. Cedar shakes are susceptible to moisture, lichen, algae and the sun. They eventually split, rot and loose their efficiency as they age. Euroshield rubber shingles do not absorb moisture in the air and will not rot as they age. The Beaumont Shake and HarvestShake style from Euroshield replicate the authentic look of a cedar shake roof. They are much more affordable and efficient than cedar shake.

  • Euroshield rubber roof Edmonton

    Durability of Rubber Roofs

    While standard asphalt roofing products require replacement every 10 to 25 years, rubber roofing system stand strong for an entire adult lifespan. Euroshield rubber shingles utilize lightweight strength and flexibility to allow for carefree rooftop maintenance and years of Mother Nature’s torment. Classified as UL2218 Class 4 impact resistant, Euroshield Rubber Roofing are more hail resistant than tile, cedar shake, metal, slate or laminated shingles.  After installation, you’ll gain the peace of mind that accompanies a weather tight roof made from the most advanced technology. In addition, all Euroshield products remain covered by a transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Euroshield rubber roof Edmonton

    Easy Roofing Installation and Replacement

    A Rubber roof, installed by PJ Roofing, is impenetrable by wind and hail. This is one of the many reasons why you cannot just get any roofing contractor to install a rubber roof.When you’re prepared for a rubber roof makeover, review the four series of the Euroshield line. The cost-efficient EuroLite varieties offer a distinguished look for both new and old homes. EuroSlate shingles provide an elegant, stone-like appearance and EuroShake varieties mimic the delicate nuances of both classic and contemporary roofing. Euroshield rubber roofing and PJ Roofing’s professional installation teams are the perfect combination for a lifetime roofing system.

  • Euroshield rubber roof Edmonton

    Warranty Programs

    Upon completion of your roof installation, Euroshield rubber roof system remains covered for a period of 50 years.  This manufacturer’s warranty from GEM Inc. Euroshield Roofing is transferable if you sell your property in the future. PJ Roofing INC. provides you with a 15 years workmanship warranty with a Euroshield rubber roof system installed effective upon completion of your project.

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